Linux Tools

This is a list of Apps/Tools that I find useful on my linux box (PCLinuxOS).

  • ekiga: SIP soft-phone. Used twinkle aswell. Ekiga interface is more like pidgin and likable, has minimal address book support that twinkle lacks.
  • weex: Useful for keeping a local copy of your webserver. I usually use it to sync up with dev files on dev servers at work. I used to use sitecopy in the past that has worked for me quite well. But unfortunately, in my current PCLinuxOS box, Iam bot able to get it compiled. weex is easier to configure, but sitecopy is more flexible.
  • hamster: Time tracking applet. Neat and useful.
  • kdevelop: Nice IDE. Though I tried Eclipse few times, I always come back to using kdevelop. Relatively speaking, it uses less resources and the usage is less complex (to me that is ..).
  • exaile: Simple media player. What Iam looking for is a media player that supports Gener/Artist/Album hierarchy, status bar integration in xfce, play media streams and light weight. exaile seem to do the job. Others that I tried; banshee, amarok. vlc
  • Zim. Notebook app. It offers customizable titles, tree view, multiple notebooks. For relatively simpler use,Tomboy
  • BlogGTK: Used this and Drivel for a while .. Trying ScribeFire (FF pluggin for now– not to my liking –) Moved to Flock
  • pidgin: Univeral IM client. Also tried kopete that integrates well with KDE. But I still like the simple looks of pidgin.
  • Flock: Browser with social communication features like Wiki, Photo sharing embedded.  Firefox still rules.
  • FileZilla: full featured ftp client. Mostly though I use ncftp and sometimes gftp.
  • diffuse: Visual diff with merge option. I had used kdiff3 and tkdiff as well.


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