Adventures in Digital Photography With Linux – multi part

25 10 2007

Linux VoIP tools

29 07 2007

Some Do It Yourself VoIP services, Servers and tools

  • Ekiga is a tool to communicate with video and audio over the internet.
    It uses both SIP and H323 protocol and is compatible with Microsoft Netmeeting.
    It used to be called GnomeMeeting

This seem quite usable. A client, service provider + a sip address ( Right after the signup, echo test with placing a callto Works great!

  • Twinkle is a soft phone for your voice over IP communcations using the SIP
    protocol. You can use it for direct IP phone to IP phone communication or in
    a network using a SIP proxy to route your calls

Service Providers (free)

  • SipGate: also has client X-Lite (do they have linux version?)

Proxies and SIP Servers

  • SER: SIP Express Router from iptel.: SIP server (redirect, proxy and register server). Not a call session aware B2BUA (Back to back user agent). I have n’t tried it yet, but seem like the configuration might be quite involved.
  • OpenSER: free proxy server. This is a SIP proxy, registrar, location, app and dispatcher server. If this sounds similar to SER, it actually is. This claims to be low latency dev cycle and more open than SER and here is abrief comparison of SER and OpenSER
  • sip-tester: for testing sip proxies and devices.
  • sipsak: the swiss army knife for test testing and debugging.


  • Wiki: from voip-info.
    • List of SIP software in Wikipedia
    • List of SIP S/W in iptel site