Whats the deal with the white rabbit ?

29 07 2007

Ooma deviceScoop: 27M of VC money, 2.5 years of development for another VoIP service that essentially exploits the free termination loophole? I wonder what the deal is with Ooma? This is a service that gives you a set-top box that acts as ATA (broad band in, standard telephony jack, perhaps mutliple? out and vice versa). Call termination is simple. its just going to be like any other VoIP offerings such as Vonage. But for callout, it seem to route the calls to any Ooma user near to its location who has a local landline, terminate it at his box (basically then the box acts as a CO switch — now wait until the telco’s respond to that :-)), place a regular local call from there. Is it innovation or twisted PhoneGnome, sort of both or or just plain boring ? I guess it depends on who you ask!

Pricing: $399 for the box. Free USA and Canada calls forever.

My Thoughts: So for this to succeed, Ooma must be counting on large number of its customer base to have traditional local service. Otherwise it has to pay for these local routing. And for money stream, they may offer some enhanced and premium services and charge a monthly fee. I can’t imagine they can run the company from just selling the set-top box for $399.


sunrocket … gone

29 07 2007

After few years of being the low cast VoIP provider, finally sunrocket closed down for good, quite unceremoniously. Few friends of mine (few of 200K customers) who had this service told me that they did not get any advance (or post) notice from the company. Some other blogs said they had a “Closed” board on the building.

Is this the tip of the iceberg or just an isolated incident. I suspect the first though.

If you are a Sunrocket customer, you may want to check this link.

Interesting VoIP services

29 07 2007
  • PhoneGnome: This service offers to provide VoIP connection to any phone. Wonder how they did that. Have not tested it.
  • TalkPlus: This offers a web based callsetup for any phones (landline/mobile) for a competitive rate. Also offers a call-forward # from international to US (no India though), virtual telno that maps to real telno (like some CreditCards do). Interesting and useful features.
  • GrandCentral: Provides find me follow me and unified voice box (now part of Google)
  • Yoomba: offers voice over email. wonder how the heck they did it, but with almost all email SPs also offering voice (Google, Yahoo) I wonder if there is a market for this still.

Interesting Companies

  • Logitel: promises TDM, IP and Mobile convergence. Is n”t the Voice 2.0 (or 10.0) nirvana ?