Goole Wave – more like a drop!

26 10 2009

On Fri evening I got an Google Wave invite that has taken the internet discussion forums by tide. Everyone seem to have gone hyper over it. So naturally I was very excited and accepted the invite and logged in right away. I was greated with an empty three panel screen… The welcome wave arrived few min later.. Clicked on my contacts. Empty! Tried to send a mail … well’ I can’t. I can send it to only those in my Contact!

Later I learn that I can communicate only within the wave community. Thats a huge restriction. It would take ages for everyone to get the wave invite and even longer for every one to be sufficiently interested to start using it. Since Wave is all on the cloud, many folks who are not online all the time will find it very unusable.

I tried to send a mail from my work Id and GMail, but they never show up in my googlewave a/c. Later I learn that no outside communication is allowed for now. Hope google fixes that first thing.

So, I decieded to form my cummunity and sent invite to some of my tech savvy and must be family members, including  my 8 yr old daughter. Unlike the GMail invite, the wave invites are not sent right away. I don’t know if Google reviews the receipients for “wave worthyness”. So, two days into having wave a/c, I feel like an drop with no one to talk to. wired!




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