keeping track of personal finance

26 08 2008

Some of the tools that I had tried to keep my finances organized:

Desktop Tools

  • Microsoft Money: Remember trying it few times. I think this was the last one I tried before leaving US.
    • Eye candy interface
    • can download transaction from banks
    • somewhat confusing interface
    • overkill
  • Quicken: Somehow I never had plesant experience with Quicken. Iam sure its just me since it has millions of happy users.


  • Spreadsheet: Riight after moving to India, I used to maintain a spreadsheet with some formulas. Not to fancy and it did work for me for few months. Then I just got lazy.
    • Simple
    • Not shared.
  • Google SpreadsheetsThere are several innovative usages of google spreadsheet, including this one.
    • work proxy blocks google docs. Sigh!
  • SimplePlanning:
    • Excel based formulas ($10). have n’t tried.

Online Tools

  • ExpenseRegister
    • simple interface
    • supports categories
    • supports sub catagories
    • support type
    • has several report types
  • ExpenseView
    • Simple, clean web2.0 interface
    • Supports categories
    • No type (cash/debit/…)
    • breakup, summary, etc.
    • Integrates into igoogle
  • mint
    • Interface looks polished
    • has some positive reviews elsewhere
    • requires to enter bank and card info. — skipping
  • Geezeo:
    • a review here.
    • signed up and it looks much too jazy for me.

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