MediaMonkey tricks

9 11 2007

If you have not heard of , its a little media player/organized based on WinAmp I like and use. Here are some plugins that can make it more useful.


  • Download MagicNodes from here
  • Rename it to MagicNodes.1.3b.vbs and move it to Program Files\Media Monkey\Scripts\Auto (create Auto if required)
  • You will need Mswinsck.ocx. Download from here if you want to get it without having to validate your Windows from Microsoft.
    • Copy msscript.ocx to Windows\system or WinNT\system32.
    • Register msscript.ocx using RegSvr32.exe. Example:
    • Regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system\msscript.ocx
  • Add a Node with Edit->Create New Magic Node. Enter Ragam\<Ragam>\<Artist>\<Album> to create a node grouped by Ragam, Artist, Album (I had Custom1 and Custom2 renamed as Ragam and Talam in Options->Apperance). This (Ragam) node should appear under Magic Nodes
  • Refer this tutorial for advanced usage.

Remote Control and Web Interface:

  • Download the plugin from here.
  • This will install the plugin under WinAmp. While installing select Program Files\MediaMonkey\Pugin instead to copy them to MediaMonkey.
  • Once installed, restart MediaMonkey and configure plugin under OPtions->GPlayer->General Plug-ins-> WinAmp Web Interface
  • In particular, change the port from default 80 to something else, Remove user anon and add another user with password.
  • Access the media collection and WinAmp/MM control at http://localhost:port