Photo Management software in Linux

30 09 2007

As Iam running low (no?) on windows  boxes at home and with my primary data disk connected on the linux (only functional desktop),  …

The choices seem to  be

1. Picasa [**]

Pros: Known interface
feature complete
web interface
Cons: Resource hog
not a native linux app

2. digiKam [****]

Pros: build index fast
almost feature complete
basic image editing
cons: some options (like export) are not available in my install [Fixed by installing additional pkgs]
Image editing not intuitive (have not played much  yet)

3. F-Spot [**]
    Pros: neat tags management (People, Events, etc)
    Cons: not intutive interface
    slow to bld db

4. KPhotoAlbum [*]
    Cons: basic interface


Other s/w

JAlbum (look under /opt)


Useful thunderbird extensions

28 09 2007

Useful Firefox Plugins

28 09 2007

This is a subjective list of Firefox Plugins I find useful in random order. This is just a place holder for me so I don’t have to search for them on each install.

Vim Plugins

Sharing linux file system on Windows

28 09 2007

Linux Version: Ubuntu 7.06 (server)
Windows: XP Pro (Toshiba laptop)

Samba ofcourse is the answer.

Add these to /etc/samba/smb.cfg:

You can change server_string if you want to.
server string = Samba server on %h

path = /home/nram
available = yes
browsable = yes
public = no
writable = no

path = /tmp
comment = /tmp on kanakangi (linux server)
available = yes
browsable = yes
public = no
writable = yes

path = /media/music
comment = Music
available = yes
browsable = yes
public = no
writable = yes

/etc/init.d/samba reload|restart

Create password for user with
smbpasswd <user> as root

When I tried smbpasswd as <user> it failed.

I also added this to

nram = nram
(format unix user = samba user)

Also on Network changed domain to

Also tried System -> Adminstrator -> Shared Folder. This is supposed to add the samba file sections to smb.conf ? Not much help.

Tried gsambad … Not sure what it does. There are tons of empty fields. Worse than editing a text file.

Tried TkSmb to make sure Iam able to view the samba share atleast on the local box.

On Windows Box

My Computer -> Tools -> Map Network Drive

Try Explore when the samba server (kanakangi) shows up.

If the dir doesn’t show up on double clicking server name, Just give the path

That worked

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Keeping ssh sessions alive

27 09 2007

nram@marvin:~/.ssh$ cat config
Host *
Protocol 2
TCPKeepAlive yes
ServerAliveInterval 60

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Is VoIP Moving slow?

27 09 2007

James Seng seem to think so in his blog… and Om seem to concur. I wonder why  .. Is innovation really slowing on the VoIP front? In my opinion VoIP really is the next  big thing. But most of the companies seem to be focusing on just few products mainly in the cheap services (Vonage, ooma..) or on mimicking the old TDM services (coutless fax, conference services). Both are bad. Some enhanced services (GrandCentral, etc) did come along the way. But Iam sure more is in store for VoIP and we would see more interesting services and companies with mobile convergence.

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Accessing icecast (and other services) from behind firewall

25 09 2007

Use ssh-tunneling

workmachie $ ssh -L 8423:your.home.machine:8423 username@your.home.machine
Now access http://localhost:8423/

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