Creative Zen Nano Plus

1 06 2006

Creative Zen nano plusGot this tiny mp3 player/recorder after the Archos Jukebox died few years back.

Features: Excellent
MP3 player, voice recorder, line in recorder, FM player, FM recorder

Form Factor: Excellent
The soft belt clip is good.

User interface: Average
Though seperate Play/Pause buttin is good, scroll wheel inteface is VERY uncomfortable. Menu settings are neatly laied out. I also like the flip option in settings.

MP3 player: Excellent
Good sound quality and bass response.

Playlist management: Poor
No dir listing, no Genere/Artist/Album listing. Hard to get to the song of your choice.

PC Interface: Excellent
shows up as external drive and can drag and drop files. Uses std USB A-B connector. line-in uses (propritory?) mini sterio jack, but thats OK I guess. Atleast it prevents you from connecting the earphones in line-in (as I used to do with Archos)

PC Sync: Poor
The Creative Media Organizer is a good s/w, though I cannot get it to sync the player
. Duh! Haven’t tried WMP-10 yet. (I want a sync s/w that would reencode to 64Kbps to conserve space)

Voice Recorder: Average
Picks up lots of background noise.

Line In Recorder: Average
Adds encoding noise (at 64 Kbps bit rate)

Battery Life: Excellent
Uses std AA batteries.

FM Player: Excellent
Picks up only strong stations (98.3 for ex), but the sound quality is good.

FM Recorder: Average
Sounds muffled.