Upgrading to Dapper – notes

24 04 2006


Upgrading from Ubuntu 5.10

A new version of the Update Manager application has entered breezy-updates which can upgrade your entire system in a few simple steps.

To perform the upgrade:


Update your system to ensure that you have the latest version of Update Manager and associated packages. The necessary versions are available from the breezy-updates repository, which is enabled by default.

Run the following command (either via ALT-F2 or a terminal):

gksudo “update-manager -d”


The “-d” switch instructs Update Manager to consider pre-release versions, including this Beta release. Without this switch, only official, final releases will be considered.

If you have a working network connection, it should then inform you about a new release and offer to upgrade your system.


Installed Dapper

14 04 2006

wiping off pc linux os in /dev/hda8.


Screen spanning (xorg) is back.
breezy has gone so slow.

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda8 3842376 2646600 1000588 73% /
/dev/hda7 5763616 1535736 3935100 29% /home
/dev/hda1 48052 7356 40696 16% /media/hda1
/dev/hda2 11590524 8595144 2406600 79% /opt
/dev/hda6 5763616 4697692 773144 86% /mnt/breezy_root
/dev/hda9 782869 16775 724327 3% /tmp