Todo list apps in Linux

2 03 2006

Pros: complete
Cons: KDE

mozilla calendar todo: **
pros: part of mozilla sunbird (no new window)
cons: too simple

xcalendar: **
Pros: simple
Cons: exit on any window closes the app
not a todo list app. (no categories, % completed etc,
but then again, its not target as one)

gtodo: (03/02/06): **
Pros: simple interface
gnome integration (applet in status bar)
supports categories and filter on category is very simple

Cons: no hierarhical tasks
printing ?
not great interface

cons: does n’t startup

Cons: A cursos based editor.

yank: interesting little app.: ***
Can create hierarhical notes of different types
(todo, note)
I think this is best for keeping notes for a project.

Cons: gui is motif
no category

A caledar app. I think I have used it before…
Cons: unintutive interface

text baxed reminder service ?

More of a simple spreadsheet