More on gnats

14 09 2005

If gnatsweb gets “access denied”, then check in inetd.conf (or xinetd/gnats) the port is

try telnet to port 1529

nram@buzz:~$ telnet localhost 1529
Connected to localhost.localdomain.
Escape character is ‘^]’.
200 localhost.localdomain GNATS server 4.0 ready.
422 You are not authorized to perform this operation (LIST).
201 Later.
Connection closed by foreign host.

If gnats-db says “insufficient privilidge”
Add your username in gnatsd.user_access (/etc and /home/gnats/nram/gnats-adm)

To set default db
export GNATSDB=nram

If the index is corrupt, recrete with

move /home/gnats/nram/gnats-adm/index to index.old
/usr/lib/gnats/gen-index -d nram -o /home/gnats/nram/gnats-adm/nram.index

If someentries donot showup in gnatsweb, but are ok in edit-pr and query-pr -q,
make sure the dir and the files underneath have 775 perm


GMail Hacks

1 09 2005

In search you can use from:marvin, subject:vogan land and so on.

You can send email to and the email arrives at Can be used for quick search/tracking.