Installed Ubunto 05.05 (hoary)

12 07 2005

Belkin KVM Switch

2 07 2005

Got a KVM Switch (Belkin) from CompUSA ($20 after MIR). Connected the linux system ( and the WinXP (… works great . Use ScrolLock+ScrolLock+1/2 to switch between two systems. On the linux system (Mdk 10) there is noticable flicked in the screen @ 1600×1200 (70Hz). The graphics card is not a great one its probably stretched to max.

ALso connected both systems to network with the Netgear router. The wireless PCI card (SMC2602W does not work with Mdk either… did not spend much time though).


1 07 2005

Tried Hibernate.
Get Kernel Panic while booting now.
the partition seem good (fsck returns ok)

converted to ext2 with tunefs. did not help
according to some web posting, seem like initrd does not recognnize the root file system.
Is the kernel corrupt?