Moving hardware around …

24 07 2004

Went to PC Expo and got few fans. The WinXP machine had been heating up lately. The Maxtor 200G hard disk also gets too hot. Installed 4 case cans in the XP machine. Now the machine is almost 30F cooler (and perhaps 30 db louder :).

Pulled off the front panel extendor. Too much wire clutter inside. Also replaced all IDE and floppy cables with round cables.

Moved the 200G disk to Linux machine. The SMB mount from the XP machine is unbearably slow. Cannot use for video streaming from another machine. Also this needs a seperate heat sink. Got one from NewEgg for $10. I think the disk is much cooler now with the three fans in front of it. But the samba mount from Linux machine does not seem any faster.