A dedicated linux server

29 05 2004

Linux Server Machine up and running.

Motherboard: Replacement Asus A7V333 board from Asus (remember how you tested RJay’s DDR?)

CPU: Athelon 1.33G. Ordered from Newegg. (~$45)

Heatsink & Fan: Coolermaster from shelf

HDD: Trying to get a cheap low capacity disk from ebay (or elsewhere) thinking I had used the trusted 8G Maxtor disk on Srinidhi’s Win98 box. Today I had to open it to test the WiFi card (which did not get installed on that sytem anyway … even after driver install from install CD). I noticed I had the 2G WD (Courtesy: Raghu). Went around looking for the Maxtor disk and found it inside the (wound-be) Linux server machine.

Case: Sturdy ABS (unused) case.

Memory: pulled 256M from WinXP system. Iam sure Gates would have thought 256M is enough for everyone an year back. Till the pricess of 400Hz memory falls below $100 for a Gig, I guess I’ll have to run with 256M. No video editing till then!

Network: Tulip card. With the new (Asus A7N8X) mobo with two ethernet adaptors onboard, this had been shelved for a while now.

Video: ATI Rage AGP. From EBay for $10.

Monitor: For now Srinidhi’s 15″. Thinking ofgetting an KVM switch from Buy.com

Sound: SB Live pulled from Win98 machine (which has a working ISA sound card). But wait… A7V333 has onboard sound. Good! one less card.

Firewire: From shelf.

USB: Onboard

CD: Old CD/RW drive from shelf.

Keyboard & Mouse: From shelf.

OS: Looking for Mandrake 10.0 CDs.. Oops! Its at work. After putting the parts together, powered on the machine and found a perfectly working Mdk 10.0 installed in the Maxtor disk already. Whoa!

so, all I needed to do was to put the parts together and power it on. I had it all.

Also connected it thru Netgear router and I have both WinXP and Mdk10 working .. and on network. Cool! Have the machine up for few hours now and … no crashes (I suspect the heat sink is too scratcy).

But the room sounds like a rice mill though with both machines fans working extra hard. Had to get ball bearing fans soon…


USB IR adapter

24 05 2004

Tested the USB IR port.

Got a USB -> FIR port ($10 thru Yahoo shoping) for Sony Ericsson phone. Could sync up address book with Outlook express. Does not detect the phone once in a while and need to remove and reconnect the device.

Switched to Evolution (1.4)

19 05 2004

Switched to Evolution (1.4). Mozilla’s poor address book and print handling drove me to evo once again. Realized I can apply filters on Inbox as they arrive with a simple check box in receive options.

Also switched to Firefox for no good reason.


16 05 2004

Signed up for Mini package with hostultra.

Machine crashed twise while browsing

14 05 2004

Machine crashed twise while browsing (Mdk 10.0/Moz 1.6). Disabled flash pluggin. Also found Mozilla and Firebird hang when accessing icici site.

Netgear wireless router

14 05 2004

Tested the Netgear wireless router (Got from Amzaon for $10 after MIR and Amazon Creditcard rebate). Could connect to XP machine and the (office) laptop .. both wired. Did not try wireless yet. Disabled it from router admin page (

Moving to hostultra

13 05 2004

Moiving raaga.net ro hostultra. Trying their free service. Can park the domain at my free url (free.hostultra.com/bsnram). changed DNS @ Networksolutions to point to hostultra.