Installed xmms-shell

20 01 2004

Installed xmms-shell from /opt

Installed kopete with deb from this link. (yahoo IM hangs it)


DeMuDi ?

15 01 2004

The word on the lane is that GNULA DeMuDi 1.1.0 is out. Hmmm….

Later .. Tried it on top of Mepis and ended up with no sound. Strange… for distro that claims to be audio centric, it would break the sound first. Have no patience to monkey around. Good bye AGNULA.

Installed gnats 4.0 and gnatsweb 4.0

13 01 2004

Installed gnats 4.0 and gnatsweb 4.0

See this link for details

Switched to Netscape 7.1

13 01 2004

Switched to Netscape 7.1 from Mozilla

* Have trouble getttnig mozilla handle mime type for php

* had trouble with mozilla on one of the financial sites (forgot which one)

Installed Libranet 2.7 Classic

5 01 2004

Installed Libranet 2.7 Classic with the following upgrades

KDE 3.1.4

Kernel 2.4.24 (non SMP)

Alsa with OSS emulation

Mozilla 1.5

Note: If you recompile kernel, make sure to make & make install in /opt/alsa/alsa-driver* also

Installed Mepis Linux

2 01 2004

Installed Mepis Linux (Debian Sid) with Kernel 2.6.0 as secondary Linux OS. Had trouble with network on stock kernel (2.4.22). Most of the stuff is working. But being unstable, I have a feeling this will break somewhere ….

(Later) Yes it did. Cannot run any opengl apps.