Tried Knoppix 3.1.

10 09 2003

Tried Knoppix 3.1. Stangly found no user level protection to any files. Very strange since I use same distro at home and it looks ok.


kernel (2.6.0-test5)….

10 09 2003

Tried installing new kernel (2.6.0-test5). got problems with modules.

gave up.

Major kernel work for nvidia video driver….

9 09 2003

Major kernel work for nvidia video driver.

flash page played atleast once and crashed next time.

Tried alsa … cannot get xmms-alsa installed (need xmms-1.2.8)

snd-mixer-oss that used to work before doesnot work?

alsaplayer does not work reliably either .. gave up going back to oss

Card detail: …

9 09 2003

Card detail:

nVidia Corp NV15 (GeForce2 GTS)

Std Driver nv


Installed nvidia drivers from nvidia site

Had to download, configure & install kernel sourece (2.4.18)

Updated /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 for nvidia.


8 09 2003

Downloaded and installed xcaledar from

Installed Libranet 2.0

7 09 2003

Installed Libranet 2.0 & apt-get dist-upgraded to debain stable

Reinstalled redhat

5 09 2003

Reinstalled redhat, reinstalled flash, tried Crash!