Crashed in Mozilla

28 08 2003

Crashed in Mozilla visiting


Java plugin for Mozilla ( RH9)

27 08 2003

Java plugin for Mozilla ( RH9)

See this url:

Start mozilla as root

Get the plugin installed from



cd /usr/lib/mozilla-1.2.1

ln -s ./java2/plugin/i386/ns600/ ./

IMPORTANT: This MUST be a softlink. otherwise mozilla will crash on a page with java applet

Test with

Printing on RH9 Program

21 08 2003

Printing on RH9

Program: printconf-gui Use pyp11 by big room

IP: Port 9100 Printer: HP Laserjet 8000N Use NetJet direct protocol Part of /etc/cups/printers.conf:

Info Created by redhat-config-printer 0.6.x Location Printer by bigroom DeviceURI socket://pyp11:9100 State Idle

Accepting Yes JobSheets none none QuotaPeriod 0

PageLimit 0 KLimit 0 CUPS admin: http://localhost:631/

Installed Redhat 9.0

20 08 2003

Installed Redhat 9.0 replacing Debian 3.0 upgraded to testing after random crashes while surfing

Installed YahooPops

13 08 2003

Installed YahooPops ( in /usr/local/bin/ Start the script and connect to POP port 5058. Works great from Evolution. Does not work from Mozilla (1.4) Mail.

Upgrading to Testing (sid)

13 08 2003

Upgrading to Testing (sid)

I was having random reboots once a while after couple of apt-get dist-upgrade from stable. The reboot always happens when I click some link in the browser. I tried Mozilla 1.2.1, Moziia 1.4, Konqueror all these suffer from this. In a vain attempt, tried upgrading to testing. This did not help. . Iam not sure if this is due to any hardware issue, which seem likely cause.

KDE: 3.1.3

Mozilla: 1.4 (Looks pretty in Orbits theme)

Evolution: 1.4

OpenOffice: 1.1


Fonts on some applications (Eg: Mozilla) look less sharp

gnome-themes get reset on each login. Need to change so gnome-apps like evolution look presentable

Tons of missing perl modules. Cannot run ivrReports

Mozilla 1.4 fails to load java plugins (1.2.1 is ok)